USA military veteran held in Iran

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Enero 10, 2019

A US Navy veteran has been held in an Iranian prison since July after he flew there to visit his Iranian girlfriend, his mother told CNN on Tuesday.

An American Navy veteran has been held in an Iranian prison on unspecified charges since late July. The Swiss Embassy in Iran represents the USA, as the formal U.S.

Joanne White said her son was scheduled to return to the USA from Iran through Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on July 27, but her son never boarder his flight.

The New York Times quoted White's mother as saying her son, a California resident, suffers acute asthma and had undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatment for a neck tumor. "The last time I had contact with him was July 13th". "Due to privacy considerations, we have no additional information to provide at this time", the spokesperson said in an emailed statement. He's been over there three or four times without any issues.

She is anxious about her 46-year-old son's health because he has had cancer and suffers from asthma, she said. She said the family only learned from the State Department in December, however, that he was being held in an Iranian prison.

In May 2018, the USA withdrew from a nuclear pact with Iran and reinstated sanctions against the country.

He was visiting a woman whom he said was his girlfriend, she said.

Joanne White told the Times, "All I know is that he is alive, and they were putting in a request for a consular visit by the Swiss".

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The manager claimed White's wife told her he was in Iran to visit his girlfriend when he was detained.

She and her husband, who have been married for nearly 15 years, have discussed divorce, she said, but she was hoping they had strengthened their relationship in the past six months as she helped him through chemotherapy.

Washington: A United States military veteran is being held in Iran where he was visiting his girlfriend, a report said Tuesday, posing a fresh issue in the two countries´ thorny relations.

Siamak Namazi, and his father, Baquer Namazi, are Iranian-Americans who have been detained since October 2015 and February 2016, respectively.

The Iranian-run outlet based its report on a former Iranian prisoner who said he met the American in Vakilabad Prison in the city of Mashhad back in October previous year. The Iranian government in 2017 said Wang was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted of spying.

The first reports of another American being held in Iran came from the IranWire news website, which is run by Iranian nationals living outside the country.

Those releases came months after the worldwide deal to restrict Iran's nuclear program - the same deal from which the United States withdrew a year ago.

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