Turkey says it will launch Syria offensive if US delays pullout

Evarado Alatorre
Enero 10, 2019

He is also seeking to reassure allies in the wake of US President Donald Trump's bombshell decision to withdraw troops from northern Syria. Misunderstanding of the administration's policy has been a cornerstone early in the trip, as the administration readjusts its rhetoric from an immediate withdrawal to a more lengthy and orderly pullout. "You'll see in the coming days and weeks we are redoubling all our diplomatic and commercial efforts to put real pressure on Iran". "First time he's spoken from the Oval Office in two years".

The visit follows one by Trump that upset Iraqi lawmakers when the president visited troops at the Ain Al-Asad base west of Baghdad just after Christmas but didn't meet with the prime minister.

On Thursday, Turkey renewed its threat to launch an offensive against Kurds.

Almost 10 years ago, then-President Barack Obama delivered a landmark address at Cairo University in which he said he had come to Egypt seeking "a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world".

CAIRO, Jan 10 (Reuters) - US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he would attack Syria if needed in Cairo on Thursday night. "The United States opposes any mistreatment of opposition forces who fought with the U.S. against IS".

"We're having conversations with them even as we speak about how we will effectuate this in a way that protects our forces, makes sure that the Americans, as we withdraw, are safe, and we will complete the mission of taking down the last elements of the caliphate before we depart", he said. "The State Department, too, was proud to fund and construct that facility through our Antiterrorism Assistance Program".

The vacancies are especially problematic as the Trump administration continues to send contradictory messages about its policies toward friends and foes in the region.

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"The US is not withdrawing from the base at al-Tanf at this time", the official said, referring to the only US military site in southern Syria that now provides a refuge for some Free Syrian Army opposition forces and refugees.

"America's penchant for wishful thinking led us to look the other way as Hezbollah, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Iranian regime, accumulated a massive arsenal of approximately 130,000 rockets and missiles", he says during a speech in Cairo. "I also want to thank the Government of Jordan for its helping in-help to combat Iran's attempt to evade sanctions".

"This is about a combined understanding that the most significant threat to the region is Daesh and the Islamist revolution, and their revolutionary efforts in the region", he said.

Since Trump's election, however, Pompeo said this was all changing.

Safadi expressed concern over Iran's hegemonic ambitions, saying, "We all have problems with Iran's expansionist policies in the region". She said, and I quote: "'It is a dream come true, '" he said, quoting Miri Regev's reaction to the playing of the Israeli national anthem.

In his meeting with Salih, the Iraqi president stressed the "depth of relations" between Iraq and the United States and the need to develop their ties further based on common interests. If that is achieved, if everybody abides by worldwide norms of behavior, then there'll be no problem.

Pompeo also traveled to Erbil, where he was received by Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).

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