Tim Cook says Apple's long-term health 'has never looked better'

Maricruz Casares
Enero 10, 2019

Apple's smartphone business might not be going so well but it seems that Apple has a plan to overcome that.

In its last fiscal year, Apple generated $100 billion in revenue that was not tied to what has always been considered its flagship product, the iPhone, CEO Tim Cook told CNBC on Tuesday in a wide-ranging interview with Jim Cramer. Well, Apple's killing it.

While few people are likely to be anxious about the plight of Tim Cook, the real earnings disparity may be between himself and the CEOs of Amazon and Facebook, both of whom are company founders. I don't wanna tell you what they are. But they're things that we feel really great about, that we've been working on for multiple years. "But I do think, looking back, in the future, you will answer that question, Apple's most-important contribution to mankind has been in health". Cook said that his company's health-focused innovations may be "Apple's greatest contribution to mankind". "We're democratizing it. We're taking what has been with the institutions and empowering the individual to manage their health".

When it comes to the iPhone XR being a flop?

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This puts Apple's decision to stop disclosing the number of iPhone it sells for each quarter in a completely new light, given that a 10% cut in production for the new iPhone models would translate into a whopping 20% YoY contraction from "the 52.21 million units Apple sold in January-March 2018", as reported by Nikkei Asian Review.

Cook went on to say that he's "not defensive on it", adding that he believes "there is a culture of innovation in Apple and that culture of innovation combined with these incredible, loyal customers, happy customers, this ecosystem, this virtuous ecosystem, is something that is probably underappreciated". He stated that current revenue from wearables is 50% more than the iPod at its peak.

Check out the entire interview in the video, above.

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