Sopranos prequel film will explore "Tony’s boyhood"

Esequiel Farfan
Enero 10, 2019

But the thing that interested me most was Tony's boyhood.

The Sopranos, a series that is arguably responsible for the wonderful age of television we all are lucky enough to experience has a prequel film due out this year. There's a mountain of evidence for the former, and in a new interview, creator David Chase - whose official stance is that he doesn't know what happened to Tony - may have slipped his tongue and hinted Tony was killed in Holsten's diner by the man in the Members Only jacket. According to The Atlantic, while discussing his vision of ending the series, Chase described it as a "death scene".

As The Sopranos prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark, moves forward, series creator David Chase has started sharing some of his creative motivations for exploring this very specific time in the history of Newark, New Jersey.

Ever since The Sopranos' enigmatic final scene aired in 2007, fans have been debating what happened after that abrupt cut to black. Think you'll pick up Zoller-Seitz and Sepinwall's book? "You realize, of course, that you just referred to that as a death scene", he says.

This being said, Chase also elaborated that the film will harken back to a more "professional" era of the Mafia.

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Here's what else Chase added (pulled from my own personal copy of The Sopranos Sessions): "If you were producing that [tunnel scene], you'd say, 'Well, obviously he's a gangster, and his death means the end of the show, so he should die".

"I'm not going to answer that question", Chase replies.

Casting information has yet to be released, but during a flashback scene in the original run of The Sopranos, actor Bobby Borriello played a child version of Tony. But Chase clarified that this won't be the same rose-colored Newark from Tony's memory.

Speaking about his motivation to return to the series after all this time, Chase told Deadline, "I was against [the movie] for a long time and I'm still very anxious about it, but I became interested in Newark, where my parents came from, and where the riots took place". "That's the point of the scene".

What do you folks make of this?

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