Google Chrome Native Ad Blocking to Become Available Worldwide on July 9

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 10, 2019

Google's efforts to make the web a safer place continue with the announcement that Chrome's ad blocker will soon be available across the globe beginning on July 9th.

The ads that Google considers to be intrusive are defined in the Better Ads Standards, which are a set of standards for online ads that was put together by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group dedicated to improving the web advertising experience.

While Chrome will automatically filter ads on sites that fail their ad experience reports, users can ultimately decide if they see ads on blocked sites.

Google follows the "Better Ads Standards" when determining which websites to filter ads on in Chrome, which was developed by the Coalition for Better Ads. Among them are auto-playing ads with sound, flashing animated ads, and ads occupying inordinately large areas of the display.

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The Better Ads Standards consists of 12 ad experiences that research found to be particularly annoying to users.

Last November, Google said that it'll block all ads on websites with abusive ad experiences, if site admins failed to take corrective measures within 30 days of reporting.

"Today, the Coalition for Better Ads announced that it is expanding their initial Better Ads Standards beyond North America and Europe to cover all countries, worldwide". It's been great news for those of us in the U.S., Canada, and Europe so far, as it means tens of thousands of websites no longer display those aggressive adverts. Google has said that the new filter feature has already pushed a number of publishers into adopting better ads, with two-thirds of all publishers who had non-compliant ads on their site are now compliant with the company's new filter policy, with Google reporting that less than 1% of of sites have had their ads filtered. Google analyzes sites and warns those with overly intrusive ads that they'll be added to a blacklist if they don't change their ways.

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