China's Huawei Launches Server Chipset

Ceria Alfonso
Enero 10, 2019

Kunpeng 920, the industry's highest-performance ARM-based server CPU was independently designed by Huawei using the cutting-edge 7nm process. We'd wait for independent reviews, though.

The Kunpeng 920 chip is based on the ARM system used increasingly in smartphones and distributed computing.

William Xu, director, chief strategy marketing officer, chairman of the Investment Review Board of Huawei, speaks during an unveiling ceremony for a processor chip in Shenzhen, China, on January 7, 2019. It aims to improve the overall performance and efficiency of computing in big data, distributed storage and ARM applications. Such technology is the latest in the semiconductor industry and allows for smaller components that are more powerful and energy efficient than their predecessors. The company now aims to enhance growth of its revenues in cloud computing and enterprise services as it's equipment unit is under constant scrutiny in the West. Huawei is not the only company with a 7 nanometer chipset designed for servers. "Some of this can be achieved with updates to compilers-Cavium's Surya Hotha told TechRepublic past year at Computex that ".optimizations are still underway. The company has the Kirin 980, which is designed for its own mobile phones, and the Ascend 910, which was created to handle artificial intelligence applications run in the cloud.

Huawei, headquartered in the southern city of Shenzhen, has steadily expanded into new industry segments.

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While the new server does not face a blanket ban in the US, Huawei's equipment is off limits to government agencies and their suppliers, and it seems unlikely to be sold there. Huawei and Intel will continue our long-term strategic partnerships and continue to innovate together.

William Xu, board director and Chief Strategy Marketing Officer of Huawei.

Therefore, in view of the industry trends and application requirements, a new era of diversified computing is unfolding. Huawei also plans to offer the hardware as part of Huawei Cloud offerings, which are locally competitive in China, though have seen limited uptake outside the country.

The announcement came as Chinese industries that rely on Western technology step up efforts to develop their own. "We will keep using Intel CPU in areas where they perform better, and use ARM-based CPU in areas like cloud and servers where they are better", Xu told CNBC. Now the firm has hopes of becoming one of the top cloud players on the planet competing with the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, IBM, Google, and Alibaba.

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