National Influenza Vaccination Week: Monmouth County encourages residents to get their vaccines

Maricruz Casares
Diciembre 9, 2018

This includes babies and young children, pregnant women, people with chronic health conditions and people 65 years and older. Webby, who was not involved in the NORC survey, said vaccination rates are similar to those of years in which flu activity has been widespread and illness severe for many people. Most people with egg allergies are able to get the flu vaccine.

Though the vaccine is imperfect, it lessens the severity and duration of symptoms, and those who get flu after receiving a vaccine are less likely to require hospitalization and less likely to die.

UCHealth experts caution Coloradoans not to be fooled by the slow start to this flu season and encourage people to protect themselves.

Today wraps up National Influenza Vaccination Week, and health officials are encouraging Kentuckians who opt to get those vaccines to do it before the peak of flu season in February.

Influenza awareness Week on December 2-8 educates military personnel about the potential impacts of influenza, or the flu, on the Department of Defense (DoD) mission and our Force Health Protection Readiness.

Vaccinations remain to be the top defense against the flu, especially during flu season.

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People with compromised immune systems are advised to talk with their doctor about whether a flu shot is appropriate.

Serious reactions to the flu vaccine are rare. In light of the evident challenges in taking legal action, proponents of vaccinations should direct advocacy efforts by pushing for a higher education in health during primary and secondary schooling. "Therefore, it is important to protect yourself and those around you against flu viruses". People who have a severe allergy to the flu vaccine or any of its ingredients should not get the flu vaccine. What can they say to get visitors to get vaccinated?

Myth: Flu shots don't really work. It is imperative that they get the flu vaccine so that they do not spread the flu to the patient, who will likely not be able to fight it and is at serious risk for complications, including death. His parents have set up a fund to promote flu vaccinations.

The agency can bill Medicare and most insurance companies for the flu vaccine.

The two main factors in the effectiveness of the vaccine is the health of the patient and the match between the influenza viruses that the influenza vaccine is created to protect against and the influenza viruses spreading in the community.

As many people turn to the Internet for health information, it is critical to recognize that user-generated content from anti-vaccine supporters directly impact patient medical decisions. The policy notes that the minimum age a person can be to visit patient floors is age 12, otherwise they can wait in the hospital's lobbies accompanied by an adult (unless they have received special approval for extenuating circumstances).

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