Watch Russia Unveil Its Brand New Laser Weapon

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Diciembre 8, 2018

Mike Pompeo, secretary of state, said the U.S. was giving Russian Federation 60 days to comply with its terms.

Signed in 1987 by the USA and USSR, it banned both countries' use of all short and medium-range missiles.

In Brussels, EU diplomatic chief Federica Mogherini urged Russian Federation and the U.S. to save the treaty, warning that Europe did not want to become a battlefield for global powers once again, as it had been during the Cold War.

The nuclear-capable Russian cruise missiles are mobile and hard to detect and can hit cities in Europe with little or no warning, according to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, dramatically changing the security calculus on the continent.

NATO said it was now "up to Russia" to save the treaty.

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"I regret that we will now most likely see the end of the INF treaty, but at the same time we don't have any other alternative than to react in the way we do". President Trump has threatened to rip the agreement up and issued Moscow with a 60-day ultimatum to come clean about what they say is a violation of the treaty which keeps missiles out of Europe.

The INF was a bilateral treaty between the United States and the then Soviet Union, so it puts no restrictions on other major military actors like China. Announcing "Peresvet" is Russian leader Vladimir Putin said that there is every reason to believe that due to the complex Russia in this sphere proved to be a step ahead of their competitors.

The US navy is testing a laser weapons system that could go into service next spring. In a statement Wednesday, Stoltenberg warned Russian Federation to cease its suspected violations of the 1987 Treaty on Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces - known as the INF.

Gerasimov said the military buildup of the United States and its allies has forced Russian Federation to increase its combat potential to guarantee its security.

He said Russian Federation had developed "multiple battalions of the SSC-8 missiles" and "its range makes it a direct menace to Europe".

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