Radio stations ban "Baby, It's Cold Outside" in the Me Too era

Esequiel Farfan
Diciembre 8, 2018

They've banned the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" after the rise of the Me Too movement.

The fate of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and its radio play is still up in the air.

A Madison radio station has pulled a now-controversial seasonal song from its airwaves, a station leader said.

Bret Saunders, a longtime KBCO radio host and jazz columnist for The Denver Post, talked to Colorado Matters about the debate over "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and other songs that have aged poorly.

It is known that this decision was taken after talks with the representatives of the movement #MeToo: they are found in the text of the song calls for sexual violence, writes Grazia.

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"I totally get what you're saying about the context", he acknowledged, "but that powerful reaction has to be dealt with". "I think you can look at anything and read something into it these days, and I just don't think that was the case when they wrote that song and (it's not) the intent of the song, and I think we have to look at that". "I think my father would be furious at that", she told NBC News.

"It is not a date rape song, it is a flirtatious song".

Critics took exception to the "Baby it's cold outside" lyrics, citing the moment he tells her "don't hold out" and particularly when she asks: 'Say, what's in this drink?'

The decision to stop playing the song has divided audiences.

The song is about a woman inside a man's home, and she says it's time to go home, but the man tries convincing her to stay by saying it's cold outside. "People used to say "what's in this drink" as a joke".

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