Once Upon a Deadpool FAQs with Fred Savage & Deadpool

Esequiel Farfan
Diciembre 8, 2018

The completely transparent marketing strategy behind Once Upon A Deadpool is what makes the PG-13 remake of Deadpool 2 palatable at all for the cynical moviegoers and comicbooks fans of the world.

With Disney's acquisition of 21st Century Fox all but agreed upon, there have been a number of questions as to how the House of Mouse might go about incorporating all of Fox's old Marvel IP into the larger cinematic universe - especially properties like Deadpool, which has found box office success by going for hard R-rated films.

Let's be honest: Once Upon a Deadpool is a cash-grab.

Fred presses on in the new clip from the movie, pointedly asking Deadpool: "Why do you think audiences will be stupid enough to swallow this?"

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Once Upon a Deadpool will contain footage from Deadpool 2, but edited down to a PG-13 format which means cutting some of the violence and language.

For every one of these new Deadpool 2 tickets sold, $1 will go to the charity Fudge Cancer - "previously known as F*** Cancer", the movie announcement notes, adding that the charity has "graciously changed their name to be more PG-13 friendly for the 12 days of Once Upon A Deadpool's release". Deadpool has abducted Fred Savage, and is forcing him to re-enact his role in The Princess Bride, listening to a story being told.

On December 12, Deadpool 2 is back in theaters with zero F's given. In the new Deadpool, he revisits that character (as an unwilling captive of Deadpool's) to frame the child-appropriate retelling of the film's plot or, as the first trailer put it, to filter it "through the prism of childlike innocence". Now, this one time, I said "Yes" on two conditions. Second, I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage. "The second condition took some explaining..."

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