Reaves: Signed photos of Wilson hit destroyed

Jose Verdugo
Diciembre 7, 2018

"He ran into a lion in the jungle".

Photographs signed by Vegas Golden Knights forward Ryan Reaves that celebrated his hit that concussed Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson have been "destroyed", according to the Knights. The collision preceded a concussion diagnosis for Wilson, who needed time to get to his own feet after losing his helmet and sustaining the blow, and the Capitals veteran is still "day-to-day" on his team's injury report. Because of Wilson's very recent and ongoing history of controversial hits, many felt this was an act of much-deserved vigilante justice towards the guy who has showed blatant disregard for the health of his opponents on countless occasions.

Reaves was ejected from Tuesday's contest against the Capitals after catching Wilson with a late hit while he looked up ice. That suspension, for almost a quarter of the 2018-19 season, was Wilson's fourth in his past 105 games. In a private signing with Inscriptagraphs, Reaves autographed photos of an injured Wilson on the ice with the caption "He ran into a Lion in the Jungle".

Inscriptagraphs, the Vegas-based sports swag dealer, called the photos the "must have Christmas Gift of the Year" in a tweet and Instagram post that have since been deleted.

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"I thought he was just looking at his pass - I thought he actually saw me, he looked like he took a peak", he said.

As The Washington Post reported Thursday, however, the Golden Knights have since shut down attempts to sell the photos, announcing through a spokesman that the pictures "were not distributed and. have been destroyed". "I thought it was shoulder to shoulder and I didn't think it was that late".

Inscriptagraphs removed the photo from their website on Thursday, while a copy was also removed from eBay.

Wilson and Reaves are notoriously two of the NHL's most physical players and they've dropped the mitts against each other twice in their National Hockey League careers, with both scraps dating back to Reaves' time with the St. Louis Blues.

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