Microsoft Edge Is Going Chrome, And Coming To MacOS

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 7, 2018

That's Microsoft's new motto when it comes to browsers. The rendering engine Microsoft has worked for years to ideal is getting the boot, and the company will spend the next year building a new version of Edge (the name stays) that will run on Apple's macOS as well as older versions of Windows.

Microsoft has officially confirmed that they are going to be gutting Edge and converting it into a Chromium based browser. However, now according to the latest reports, recently, the tech giant Microsoft to launch a new version of Windows which will simply beat the tech giant Google's ChromeOS. But as of today, Edge only has a 4 percent share of the USA browser market, according to StatCounter.

However, still we don't have much concrete information about this new version of Windows OS of the tech giant Mircosoft, but everything points to the tech giant Microsoft might be preparing to release this new version of Windows in the near future which is named as Windows Lite as we told earlier and not only that even this new version of Windows should be created to compete directly with the tech giant Google's well-known operating system, of course, I am talking about none other than the ChromeOS. By embracing Chromium, they will be having a much larger impact on the web than they ever could have maintaining their own code, so it should be a win for people who never even use Edge. Users don't need to do anything to prepare for the coming change. Users of Edge on iOS and Android won't be affected, as those Edge browser apps already use the WebKit and Blink rendering engines tied to those OS platforms, not EdgeHTML. Edge currently suffers from compatibility issues with some websites, many of which are now optimized to run properly on Chrome.

Now Microsoft will be able to deliver updates as they're introduced to Chromium, ensuring Edge is as compatible with web standards as any other Chromium-based browser, and likely enabling Chromium extensions down the road.

The change isn't expected to roll out until next year sometime, but it should be good news from Edge.

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'Chrome has been a champion of the open web since inception and we welcome Microsoft to the community of Chromium contributors, ' it said. I hear the answer is no.

"Over the next year or so, we'll be making a technology change that happens 'under the hood" for Microsoft Edge, gradually over time, and developed in the open so those of you who are interested can follow along'. The main reasoning behind the MacOS release is because many web developers work in Apple's operating system, and often just skip testing for Edge as it's not available to them.

Finally they plan on being active contributors to the Chromium Project, like they have been doing with the ARM version of Chrome.

Google Chrome is overwhelmingly the dominant web browser and a de facto standard. Chromium-based browser vendors also would have to commit to using Microsoft's Store updating mechanism in order to get their apps in the Store.

Whether consumers will adopt the rebuilt Edge browser is another matter.

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