Aliens May Have Visited Earth But People Were Clueless, NASA Scientist Says

Federico Mansilla
Diciembre 7, 2018

This, he says, means we need to revise a lot of our base assumptions about what aliens will look like and what they're capable of.

Still, the scientist concedes that interstellar travel could be "an unbreakable barrier, over spans of thousands of years", though he added that interstellar journey could be possible depending on what we assume about various forms of life.

"Our typical lifespans would no longer be a limitation (although even these could be dealt with multi-generational missions or suspended animation), and the size of the "explorer" might be that of an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity", he said.

In a recent report, Colombano revealed that intelligent alien life might not necessarily use traditional building blocks of life here on Earth which is carbon, and he makes it clear that it might be the reason why these extraterrestrial beings went unnoticed by humans. The arrival of a UFO could have been overlooked because of the unlikelihood of interstellar travel, he said but this is something he said aliens have mastered.

With his thoughts on interstellar travel, the NASA scientist thinks we have missed alien life because they might be different from the carbon-based organism like humans.

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"We need to re-visit even our most cherished assumptions", Colombano wrote.

And a quick glance at the past 50 years of computer evolution on earth shows that "our form of life and intelligence may just be a tiny first step in a continuing evolution", Mr Colombano wrote, suggesting that other civilisations might have shed the "carbon machinery" humans rely on for sentience.

Colombano suggested that scientists are too preoccupied with modern human technology that makes it hard to imagine the technology that could have been produced by aliens living on planets older than Earth. He also advised fellow scientists to be more open-minded in welcoming the possibility of aliens visiting Earth since no one could actually explain or deny all reported UFO sightings.

Colombano then concluded that people should adopt a new set of assumptions or expectations about the probable actual forms of higher intelligence and their technology to keep pace with how the extraterrestrials may be evolving. Note that this is not a research paper, but rather notes Colombano used in a presentation about SETI.

The expert concludes the paper by calling on technologists to explore "Evolvable Robotic Systems" while also beseeching the scientific community to look deeper into existing reports of UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena including, but not limited to, a close examination of "130,000 pages of declassified US Air Force documents, National UFO Reporting Center Database and several other worldwide databases".

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