Statement from HHS Secretary Alex Azar ahead of World AIDS Day

Maricruz Casares
Diciembre 6, 2018

By 2020, it is hoped that 90 percent of persons will know their HIV status, 90 percent on antiretroviral drugs and 90 percent of people living with the condition would have viral suppression in subjecting the HIV and AIDS disease under control and avoid spread.

Ijezie appreciated Federal Government's effort through the Federal Ministry of Health and the NACA and other stakeholders in the fight against HIV and AIDS. Because there's so much misinformation around, especially since the fear of HIV infection in many countries around the world is not now what it once was.

The charity has launched its Zero HIV campaign to mark World Aids day, with the aim of ending new cases of HIV and eliminating stigma surrounding the illness.

With an HIV prevalence of 0.26 % in its adult population, India has an estimated 2.1 million people living with HIV, according to a 2017 government report.

"HIV conjures images of gravestones and a life marked by tragedy", he added.

"The good news is that for those who are HIV positive, the government has enough drugs and plans in place to support and treat the affected for free".

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" We encourage all Nigerians to get tested as a large proportion was still not aware of their status. When women and girls are empowered to make informed choices about their bodies and lives, when their human rights are upheld and when they are meaningfully involved in coming up with solutions, we will be able to put an end to HIV/AIDS once and for all".

Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle praised Mr Russell-Moyle for a "brave" and "moving" speech.

He told the Press Association: "A few months ago I was giving out awards, congratulating people who have spoken out about their HIV status, saying how fearless they were, and there was a feeling in the back of my mind saying, "Well, if I'm congratulating people, I also need to be so courageous to do that". And if I can't do it, how can I be asking others to do that?" The method works like this: when one tests HIV positive, his/her family members and sexual partners are reached out to with HIV testing services.

He is only the second MP to announce he has the virus, with former Labour MP Chris Smith revealing his status in a newspaper interview in 2005.

He stood down from the Commons at that year's general election. "The only way to know is to get tested", he said.

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