Offset's alleged mistress apologizes to Cardi B

Esequiel Farfan
Diciembre 6, 2018

Offset's alleged side chick has come out of the shadows crying and wants sympathy for possibly being the catalyst that broke up his marriage to his wife rapper Cardi B.

NY law has even worse news for Cardi B. - she doesn't own 50% of Offset's brand.

Summer went on to publicly apologise to Cardi for any harm she may have done to their relationship.

The online name claims she is the reason behind the breakdown of Cardi and Offset's 15-month marriage. "I haven't enjoyed the social media frenzy", she wrote.

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So it's not that Cardi B has $100 Million now to split with her husband, but her brand (with all her possible endorsement deals, etc) could be worth $100M over time.

Offset allegedly asked Summer Bunni to arrange a threesome that would include another rapper, Cuban Doll.

"I feel ashamed. You know like growing up it's a lot, but I'm just coming from me to Cardi B and to like her fans ... these were never my intentions and I never wanted to break up a happy home", she said in the video.

The musician said things hadn't been working out "for a long time" as she promised to work on the friendship for the sake of their daughter. "I can tell, so I just hope that with this she can actually just focus on her love for Offset".

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