O2 down as customers hit by network and 4G problems

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 6, 2018

Mobile network O2 has said it is investigating a technical fault that has left thousands of mobile customers unable to get online. Voice calls are working OK.

In a tweet, the network said that the issue lay with one of its third-party suppliers, and recommended that users switch to Wi-Fi wherever possible. O2 says technical teams are working "extremely hard to resolve this".

(DPA/PA Images/Getty)Why is O2 not working?

He said: "We're aware that our customers are unable to use data this morning".

O2 customers across Wrexham have been affected by a service outage this morning - however signal and 4G services for some have returned to normal. It said other operators across the world were also affected.

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It is not clear when the issue will be resolved, but O2 said it would share further updates as soon as possible.

The outage is thought to be affecting about 32 million in the UK. Work is now ongoing to fix the fault and customers are being encouraged to use wi-fi where possible.

A TfL spokesperson told The Register: "We're sorry that customers are unable to use our Countdown screens at bus stops for live travel information".

The mobile phone provider is now working to address the issues but it's unclear how long it might take before customers can use their data again, with many having to rely on public WiFi to access their emails and social media. Our technical teams are investigating.

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