Bethesda's support website leaks Fallout 76 customer info

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 6, 2018

As a result, they can open and close tickets however they see fit, as well as access customer names, addresses and other personal details located within said tickets.

Be careful what information you put in your Fallout 76 support tickets because it seems some users have been able to view private information.

Other Reddit users added their own allegations of the same issue, with one public screenshot showing multiple, confused replies to the same support-ticket thread. Those uploaded documents were apparently viewable by other customers as well, and those receipts most likely contained at least partial credit card information.

Bethesda's latest video game, Fallout 76, launched last month with its share of uneven reviews and responses (including our own), and chief among players' complaints is that the always-online game is quite buggy.

Bethesda announced the news without much notice, while providing a schedule for how long the game will be affected. 'Upon discovery we immediately took down the site.

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"We are still investigating the incident and will provide additional updates as we learn more".

The company says it will notify any customers whose messages and photos may have been inadvertently shared.

It appears they posted a screenshot as proof when originally making the post but it has since been taken down to help keep user data as secure as possible, given the situation. That number was limited to people who submitted tickets in a brief exposure window, which might just have been an hour or so given the time difference between when the issue was first reported and when Bethesda gave this unapologetic response.

"We're planning to bring Fallout 76 offline for maintenance across all platforms around 6:30 p.m. EST (23:30 UTC) to apply a hotfix that will address a service issue".

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