Apple finally releases its first official case for iPhone XR

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 6, 2018

Though I was impressed with Apple's iPhone XR, particularly the smartphone's 720p LCD display, the smartphone remains pricey in Canada when purchased outright.

Ultimately, as Bloomberg points out, these are just the latest indications from Apple that its 2018 iPhone models aren't selling as effortlessly as we've witnessed in the wake of previous iPhone launches. But it seems that buyers aren't really that interested in Apple's latest and greatest smartphone. Today, Apple finally started selling its first official case for iPhone XR. You can also send it for replacement at an Apple Repair Center.

However, when the XR went on sale, the clear case was nowhere to be found on Apple's website or in its retail stores.

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It's worth mentioning that Apple iPhone XR originally costs $749, so that's a discount of $300 that Apple is offering on its smartphone.

Lots of Qi wireless charging smartphones stop getting topped up once the owner straps a case on but thankfully, with the iPhone XR clear case attached to the device, you will not have to worry about such a problem.

Lending even further credence to this stark outlook, Apple recently updated its official webpage with a number of new tell-tale additions, including the launch of a limited-time promotion where those trading in select iPhone models with the intent of upgrading to an XS or XR will receive an additional ~$100 in trade-in credit.

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