Facebook's ranking drops in 'best places to work' list

Galtero Lara
Diciembre 5, 2018

One Googler in NY notes that the company's growing pains include "bureaucracy, slow to respond to market threats, bloated teams, cross-divisional tension, though nothing remotely approaching Microsoft's internal tension".

If your 2019 resolutions include getting a new job, you'll want to consider companies where the employees themselves are happy overall.

To compile the Top 100 Best Places to Work list, Glassdoor pulls data from surveys that ask USA -based employees about career opportunities, compensation, senior management, work/life balance, culture, and more.

Four companies have made the list for the past four years- Starbucks, Apple, video game maker Ubisoft, and human resources software company Ceridian, according to Glassdoor. As expected, there are conflicting reviews about all large companies. HP (No. 87) also was ranked among the top 100 companies for the first time since Glassdoor's list debuted in 2008. Some of these factors could be reasons why the rankings of the tech companies in the Glassdoor list are generally down this year. Companies to be considered have to have at least 1,000 employees during this time frame and at least 30 ratings from United Kingdom based staff.

The tech company employees, once in love with free food, flexible works hours and resort like offices, have also started looking at how much time they are giving to their office and for what.

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Pay is also a plus at In-N-Out. Unlike many awards related to the workplace, Glassdoor actually collate input from employees who voluntarily provide anonymous feedback on aspects about their job, work environment, and employer over the past year. In-N-Out Burger 4. Procore Technologies 5.

The company offers a cloud-based "centralized hub" for help managing projects and teams. One of the reviews by an Anglian Water Asset Delivery Manager (Lincoln, England UK) said: "The workforce is clearly proud, passionate and really cares about the work they do, which results in a really positive culture and working environment". Boston Consulting Group 6.

Five Seattle-area tech companies made Glassdoor's annual Best Places To Work list for 2019. It rose a number of spots from last year's ranking of 21.

It appears the fallout from Facebook's year of scandal has hurt employees' morale.

It is possible that Facebook slipped in the list this year because of all the controversies that have surrounded it.

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