British telco to strip China's Huawei from core networks, limit 5G access

Ceria Alfonso
Diciembre 5, 2018

Equipment from the Chinese firm was brought into BT when it bought EE back in 2016, according to the FT.

BT will continue using Huawei for "benign parts of the network" - equipment on masts and other outside parts - but not on the core network.

BT will pull Huawei equipment out of its core 4G network within two years to fit its own internal policy.

"We're applying these same principles to our current request for proposal for 5G core infrastructure".

Despite stripping the company's equipment from its network and banning it from bidding for 5G frequencies, a BT spokesman said that Huawei remains an "important equipment provider and a valued innovation partner".

Huawei, the world's biggest telecoms network equipment supplier ahead of Ericsson and Nokia, has said Beijing has no influence over its operations.

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BT has made an investment of £1.833 billion (+8 percent) towards Capex (capital expenditure) during April-September 2018. BT's spending was £443 million on customer driven investments, £327 million on systems and IT, and £75 million on non-network infrastructure.

That followed recent moves made by New Zealand and Australia to stop telecommunications operators from using Huawei's equipment in new 5G networks because of concerns about possible Chinese government involvement in their communications infrastructure. The maximum capacity 4G sites in the UK's busiest hotspots lay the foundation for 5G network switch on in 2019, EE said.

It said it began working with EE in 2012, and had supplied the mobile operators with 3G and 4G network solutions, including core network equipment.

As part of an "extraordinary outreach campaign", U.S. officials have reportedly reached out to their government counterparts and telecom executives in European and Asian countries where Huawei equipment is already in use, warning them about the "national security risks" posed by the Chinese firm.

A November Wall Street Journal report claimed that the USA called upon its close allies to avoid purchasing and using network equipment from the Chinese manufacturer.

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