Russian Progress MS-10 shakes hands with International Space Station

Federico Mansilla
Noviembre 21, 2018

The launch Friday of the Progress MS-10 supply ship was the first flight of the Soyuz-FG variant of Russia's venerable Soyuz rocket family since a failed launch October 11 led to the emergency landing of a two-man crew minutes after liftoff from Baikonur.

Progress 71 will remain docked at the ISS for more than four months before departing in March for its deorbit in Earth's atmosphere. Progress cargo spacecraft have been launched since 1978, however, to resupply previous Russian space stations.

"A textbook journey for the Progress", NASA spokesperson Rob Navias said during live commentary.

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Progress 71 delivered 5,654 pounds (2,564 kilograms) of food, fuel and other supplies for the station's Expedition 57 crew.

That flight will carry Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenko, Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques, and NASA's Anne McClain to the ISS.

On board: 1,653 pounds of propellant for space station orbital adjustments, 165 pounds of pure oxygen and air, 970 pounds of water and 2,866 pounds of spare parts and equipment.

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