Oracle veteran Thomas Kurian to head Google Cloud

Galtero Lara
Noviembre 17, 2018

In her place, former Oracle president and product leader of its cloud division Thomas Kurian will be joining Google Cloud on November 26 and will move into the role of Google Cloud CEO in 2019.

"I believe that he'll do an awesome job helping to take Google Cloud to the next level. Now, after an unbelievably stimulating and productive three years, it's time to turn to the passions I've long had around mentoring and education", Greene wrote in a blog post.

Greene will stay on as a board member at Alphabet, Google's parent company.

Greene, who co-founded VMware Inc.

"The cloud space is early and there is an enormous opportunity ahead", she said.

But in some ways, 2018 was a rough year for Greene and Google Cloud. The company had essentially no presence in the enterprise when she took charge. Google's very business model made it enterprise-hostile - Google services are self-service, while enterprises require plenty of hand-holding. When he steps into the role in January, he'll be leading Google Cloud as it continues its quest to topple Amazon and Microsoft in the cloud wars.

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Greene, who will remain a director on the Alphabet board, had joined Google in December 2015 to run its cloud business.

Google had in February announced that its cloud division was generating more than $1 billion in quarterly revenue. Analysts found the lack of details discouraging. Google's cloud efforts have never lacked technological prowess, but for a long time cloud buyers found the famously engineering-driven company hard to work with. By comparison, the overall cloud market was growing at 50% year-over-year at that time.

However, Kurian spent more than two decades at Oracle and for all but the last few years, Oracle dominated the enterprise market. Perhaps Oracle's recent troubles are despite Kurian, not because of him.

Indeed, Kurian left Oracle in September, reportedly after clashing with co-founder/CTO Larry Ellison. Ellison hates AWS, and devotes much of his public presentations to ridiculing them; with AWS occasionally returning the favor.

"I want to encourage every woman engineer and scientist to think in terms of building their own company someday", Greene wrote. "The world will be a better place with more female founder CEOs". "The work in education will especially be initiatives that combine technology with in-person teaching to make high-quality education that is low-priced, scalable and personalized", she wrote.

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