Dan Crenshaw appears on 'SNL' after mocking

Esequiel Farfan
Noviembre 13, 2018

Pete Davidson returned to SNL's Weekend Update tonight with a surprise guest, newly elected Texas congressman, Lt. Com.

"This guy is kind of cool, Dan Crenshaw", Davidson said. Crenshaw showed up to accept the apology in person. There hadn't been much of a public indication of regret over "the joke" from SNL. I don't need you to demand apologies from them, they can do whatever they want. A reminder that people can joke and disagree and discuss serious things.

Some quick context: Davidson appeared on "Weekend Update" last weekend and offered some thoughts on various politicians, based on appearance alone. The realized that it is possible to be connected on some levels, even if it's not every level. On Saturday, Davidson apologized for the joke, calling it a "poor choice of words".

"If any good came of this, it's that for one day finally the Left and the Right came together to agree on something", Davidson says. Crenshaw pushed into frame at this point to chime in, "Ya think?"

"We're good. Apology accepted", Crenshaw said.

"Last week I made a joke about a picture of you, and I feel like it would only be fair if you got me back and made fun of a picture of me". Initially hesitant about his ability as a performer, Crenshaw was a natural. After a slight hesitation, Crenshaw played along.

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"There's a lot of lessons to learn here", he said. He commented how the incident at least brought the left and the right together for just a moment so to agree that Pete Davidson is a "d*ck". Not only were social norms reinforced with our citizens being reminded of how it's out of bounds to insult the wounds suffered during combat but we also got to see polar, political opposites forgive and send a positive message of brotherhood and unity.

We're all used to this country's deeply divided media landscape, but Crenshaw and Davidson proved that it's possible to apologize, make up and laugh.

Crenshaw asked Americans to break down the veteran-civilian divide this weekend and connect with a veteran by telling them "never forget". Heroes like Pete's father. After comparing Davidson to the meth from Breaking Bad and a troll doll with a tapeworm, Crenshaw says Pete looks like Martin Short in The Santa Clause 3.

"Never forget. And that is from both of us", Davidson said. The live audience erupted. We can be like, "Wow he shouldn't have tweeted that" and still support him. He roasted a photo of Davidson, just as the comedian had done to him last week.

During the exchange, Crenshaw's phone rang, with a ring tone from Ariana Grande, who until recently was Davidson's finance.

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