You have until November 18 to download Destiny 2 for free

Ceria Alfonso
Noviembre 9, 2018

Activision's latest earnings call has revealed that Destiny 2: Forsaken hasn't quite managed to live up to the expectations that the publisher had for the game's first major DLC expansion, falling short in terms of sales.

"At BlizzCon, we announced that 'Destiny, ' the base game is free for two weeks, meaning download it by November 18, and you get to keep the base game forever", Activision CEO and president Coddy Johnson explained. 'There is still work to do to fully re-engaged the core Destiny fanbase'.

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Players will also have access to the original Leviathan raid and the Crucible multiplayer mode. So when you're in, you're deeply engaged. If you're not, we're hoping now's the time to bring players back in and win them back'. It's the same approach, to some degree, used by massive moneymakers like "Fortnite", which earns nearly all of its money from in-game purchases. But we'll have to wait and see whether they learnt their lesson from that... It really came out of Activision and Bungie working together to address community concerns post-'Destiny 2' holistically. "In particular, it was very well received both by reviewers and by the community, and has ongoing deepening engagement by those that are playing it".

Johnson also mentions plans to "improve the pace of innovation and cadence of in-game content" in a bid to coax lapsed Destiny 2 players back to the game and spend more money on microtransactions.

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