Verizon Prepaid makes some changes, now includes autopay discount and more

Ceria Alfonso
Noviembre 9, 2018

On Wednesday, T-Mobile launched a limited-time offer that undercuts Verizon's newly discounted prepaid unlimited plan by a sizeable margin.

Additionally, customers can have up to 10 lines on their account instead of five.

Similarly, Big Red dropped its original unlimited plan from $75 down to just $65/month, which offers unlimited talk, text and LTE data.

The pre-paid market is becoming more competitive in the USA but Verizons plans are still not the best value in prepaid unlimited.

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Today, Verizon has announced some changes that its making to its prepaid tier of plans.

Taking that into account you can pay $35 per month and increase the data allowance to a much more friendly 3GB. "With these enhancements, Verizon Prepaid becomes an even better value for unlimited, plus adds more data and unlimited calling from the Canada and Mexico on the 8 GB plan". The cheapest is $30 and offers unlimited talk and text with a 500MB 4G LTE data limit. That's a huge deal for customers with friends and family in another North American country. Subscribers will "typically" get 480p video resolutions when streaming over mobile data; they'll also be limited to 3G network speeds when tethered. Verizon's unlimited prepaid plan doesn't include any tethering.

As well, T-Mobile lists the limited-time prepaid unlimited plan as only for domestic use, and there's a possibility that the customer will be temporarily throttled during congested time periods. T-Mobile did not say when this prepaid promotion will end.

We also do not know if T-Mobile will treat this prepaid plans like it does the rest.

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