Trump Vows ‘War-Like Posture’ If Democrats Investigate Him

Galtero Lara
Noviembre 9, 2018

"Projections from ABC News point to a Democratic gain of 34 seats, which would give them a smaller majority than the Republicans now have".

He named checked several GOP candidates who lost Tuesday.

"Mia Love gave me no love".

"I could fire everybody right now, but I don't want to stop it because politically I don't like stopping it", Trump said, calling the probe a "hoax" and a "disgrace". Tlaib, a Palestinian-American, won Michigan's 13th congressional district in a race in which she was the sole major party candidate.

Now with Democrats in control of the House, if Trump's companies or other interests ignore their subpoenas or try legal maneuvers to delay or spurn them, they could face a contempt citation to the House floor. The GOP did add to its majority in the Senate.

With winners called in all but one statewide race, Republicans were on pace to gain three seats in the Senate and defended their lead in governorships by a two-seat margin.

But Porn said he was surprised that Democrats didn't pick up more seats in the state Legislature. And it seems highly unlikely that any Republican will vote for the woman their party has demonized in thousands of campaign ads.

In Texas, Sen Ted Cruz staved off a tough challenge from Democrat Beto O'Rourke, whose record-smashing fundraising and celebrity have set off buzz he could be a credible 2020 White House contender. Both are deal-makers. In 2007, Trump praised her as "the best", when she was first sworn in as speaker. She campaigned on keeping taxes low (South Dakota is one of a few states with no income tax), cutting government spending, and introducing more government transparency. But she has included among her pursuits the administration's financial deregulation efforts, housing issues, and financial ties between Trump and his family with Deutsche Bank AG and Russian Federation.

Following the press conference, he announced in a tweet he had fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions. How, then, should we understand what happened?

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"At the end of the day, ME people don't care which party you identify with, they just want someone who is honest, believes in our state and vows to do what they say they'll do", Jackson said. Trump called the investigation "a disgrace", saying it "should never have been started, because there is no crime". She wouldn't answer a question about whether Democrats will seek Trump's tax filings, but said committee requests for documents and hearings won't be "scattershot". He said he would "certainly have an open mind" about releasing them when the IRS audit ends.

Sanders accused Acosta of "placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern" and of preventing other reporters from asking questions at the news conference. He called CNN's Jim Acosta, with whom he has frequently spared, "a rude, bad person".

The White House Correspondents' Association declined immediate comment. He said there was a "ton of work" still to be done on issues ranging from opioid addiction to housing and climate change, but didn't offer any specific new proposals for his second term.

Blackburn, a conservative lawmaker closely tied to the President, looked to nationalize the Senate race as much as possible, hoping to tap into the same conservatism that elected Trump in order to blunt some goodwill Bredesen had built up during his two terms as governor. The Democrats, in fact, gained 28 seats (and counting) which put them well past the 218 seats needed to control the House.

The president has always been upset with Sessions for recusing himself from the Mueller probe because of his contacts with Russian officials when he was with the Trump presidential campaign.

But the rosiest expectations of some Democrats - that they could create a "blue wave" even when playing defense on the Senate map - proved unfounded. "Two can play that game!", he wrote.

With Democrats seizing control of the U.S. House in the midterm elections, several members of the MA delegation, including Neal, stand to emerge as powerful players on Capitol Hill in the 2019-2020 Congress. Rep. Jim McGovern, of Worcester, is likely to chair the influential Rules Committee.

Women were motivated to turn out after Trump's election in 2016 because they felt that issues they cared about were under threat in Washington, said Andrea Dew Steele, founder and president of Emerge America, a group that works to recruit and train Democratic women to run for office.

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