Sinead O'Connor calls white people 'disgusting' in freaky rant

Esequiel Farfan
Noviembre 9, 2018

O'Connor, who now goes by the name Shuhada Davitt, tweeted her "racist" statement in a series of tweets disparaging non-Muslim culture.

"What I'm about to say is something so racist I never thought my soul could ever feel it".

"O'Connor, who changed her name to Shuhada" Davitt and announced that she had become a Muslim in late October, wrote that "not for one moment, for any reason" does she want to spend time with white people in the future.

Ms Davitt also attacked President Donald Trump, saying that Twitter allowed him to "spew... satan filth" on her country.

She went on to discuss violence in religion, including Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

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Her following tweet read "BTW if one IS an intelligent theologian and has taken the journey, one would know there is no more talk of ancient violence in the Q'ran as the Tanukh, the Bible or The sodding Mahabarata". "And its ALL EQUALLY [IRRELEVANT] TO OUR TIMES", she wrote, adding the hashtag "#ReignOfWhiteMANover".

Irish singer and songwriter, who recently converted to Islam, posted a controversial Twitter message, which gathered hundreds of angry and puzzled responses from members of Muslim and non-Muslim communities alike.

"Dear Sister, whoever is "teaching" you about Islam, seems to be trying to lead you astray".

"Final word. If its "Crazy" to care. Which makes all other scriptures redundant", she explained. She has also openly spoken about past abortions - a contravention of Canon Law.

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