Lewis Hamilton not happy with proposed expansion plans, threatens to quit F1

Jose Verdugo
Noviembre 9, 2018

On Wednesday Formula One confirmed a new grand prix in Hanoi, which will be a street race.

"It already feels like we are on race 25 this year, so I don't think that's a good thing personally", said Hamilton. "It's not something I've asked Valtteri if he wants, but I don't think he's going to want that".

"I'm someone who really loves racing but the season is long".

Ferrari have earned six victories so far this season while Mercedes have earned nine, meaning that with two races remaining on the 2018 schedule, they can not possibly match, much less pass, the win total of the Brackley-based team.

"The turnaround is so short, you start preparing for your next season often as soon as the season is done".

"All I can do is try to make sure I'm supportive throughout the process, throughout the weekend".

Brazil and the United Arab Emirates are the final two races of the season, the latter coming on November 25, eight months after the curtain-raiser in Melbourne. "That's very hard. Then you have to find a way of switching off and recovering at the same time".

Bottas, a three-time Grand prix victor with Mercedes, agreed that he would only want to beat anyone fair and square, on his own merit, and he believes Brazil may give him that opportunity.

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"This year definitely there have been times when he has been fundamental in us winning races".

Vettel has now seen his title hopes run out of steam in the last two years in the face of Hamilton and Mercedes' mid-to-late season surge in form.

Hamilton hailed Bottas's contribution after winning the championship in Mexico, and has emphasised how well they get on as team mates. He's going to want to win it in his own way.

"If you look at the last two races, we've struggled", he said.

Hamilton has won only once before in Brazil, in 2016, and in those years where he has wrapped up the title with races to spare has failed to triumph afterwards.

"It's hard to explain why it has been tough for us, particularly in this last one, but I really hope the auto this weekend feels more normal and we are more competitive". "We still have a job to do this weekend, which is to win the constructors' title so the focus remains exactly the same as it has done the previous races in my mind". "Or methods you can apply to next year which will be important, so even though they have not been great races they have been steep learning curves for us".

"You all know what my goal will be for this weekend, so it's going to be up to me and I need to perform at my best level to fight for the win".

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