Gunman kills 12 in California bar packed with students

Evarado Alatorre
Noviembre 9, 2018

At least 12 people were killed.

Borderline, which bills itself as the "biggest dance floor in town", had been hosting an event called "College Country Night" when the shooting occurred.

Long reportedly shot a bouncer or security guard outside and forced his way into the bar, witnesses said. He doesn't know how a second mass shooting will affect him down the road. He told her, "I've got to go handle a call".

A reporter then pointed to blood on his sleeve, which he said "isn't mine" and came from a man with a chest wound who they helped drag over to paramedics.

A few minutes later, Ventura County Sheriff's Sgt. Ron Helus and a California Highway Patrol officer headed into the bar after hearing more shots, Dean said.

Long was found dead by police in an office at the bar and is believed to have shot himself, Dean said.

"I got concerned, so I called the sheriffs", neighbor Tom Hanson said outside his home Thursday as federal and local law enforcement officers searched Long's house.

"It's well too early to know if he took his own life", Dean said.

Tall, wearing all black clothing and a bandana-like mask covering the bottom half of his face, he shot a young female cashier before firing at least 30 rounds from a.45 caliber Glock with extended magazines into the crowd, killing 12 and injuring 21.

President Donald Trump, who has resisted a surge in calls for tougher gun controls since 17 students were shot dead at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida earlier this year, said on Twitter that he had been "fully briefed on the bad shooting in California".

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"We have not found any type of assault rifle inside the location", he said.

Authorities do not yet know his name or have any idea of a motive, Dean said.

Kelly has a large tattoo on his left arm memorializing the Las Vegas shooting, which killed 58 people.

Sgt. Ron Helus, who'd worked in law enforcement for 29 years, was among the victims at the Borderline Bar & Grill in Thousand Oaks after he "went in to save lives".

Helus is survived by a wife and son.

"The first thing I said was "Please don't drink and drive.' The last thing I said was 'Son, I love you", Mr Coffman told reporters.

Multiple victims have been taken to hospital with injuries.

It was not immediately clear whether those victims had been shot.

People comfort each other after the shootings in Thousand Oaks, California, about 40 miles west of Los Angeles. "And that's what's really blowing my mind, it's a really safe area". More than 100 people were inside the venue at the time of the attack.

"I heard a gunshot, I turned around and I saw him shoot a couple more times", California Lutheran University student Teylor Whittler told KABC.

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