BioWare Releases a Video for N7 Day, Giving Mass Effect Fans Hope

Ceria Alfonso
Ноября 8, 2018

The Mass Effect franchise is now in a state of suspended animation following the lackluster showing by the series' fourth game, Mass Effect Andromeda. N7 Day, as it's known, has become the official day of Mass Effect, thanks to the prominence the "N7" label has in the Mess Effect universe. It's been more than six years since the Mass Effect trilogy wrapped up, after all, and Mass Effect: Andromeda's most lasting impact was forcing the closure of BioWare Montreal. Does the update significantly improve your experience?

"It means coming into the studio everyday, dreaming about what the next great "Mass Effect" game will be", Hudson said.

"To me, "Mass Effect" means that there's always something new to play, to interact with, to explore in the universe", Gamble said. BioWare has been putting its efforts into Anthem, its open-world sci-fi multiplayer game, which is set to release in February. Of course, the story ultimately remains unresolved, with the fate of certain surviving "Arks" still undetermined, and the Mass Effect series on ice for the time being.

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The video asked fans and other BioWare employees about the meaning of "N7", and even got an answer from Casey Hudson, the general manager of BioWare.

There's one the big question of what Mass Effect might look like, post-Andromeda. Will we see the return of Commander Shepard after he's been reconstructed again like the beginning of Mass Effect 2?

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