Android apps will update while you're using them

Ceria Alfonso
Noviembre 8, 2018

Lastly, Slices are compatible with 95% of Android devices on the market thanks to the compatibility package.

Google has introduced a new developer tool aimed at encouraging Android users to update apps to the current version though in-app prompts.

To recap, the Slices API is a way for third-party apps to surface content into widely used first-party apps like the Google App. Slices can have live data, inline actions, scrolling content, and deep-linking to your app so the user can immediately interact with your service when searching for relevant content in the Google App.

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This month, an early access program will open for slices.

For now, the new In-app Updates API will only be available to Android developers who are early access partners. Unfortunately, Google did not give any specific date for the EAP nor any instructions on how to take part. You can watch the YouTube video embedded below to learn all about the new feature, but the basic gist is that slices are like widgets which automatically appear when you perform searches with Google. However, you can also see things like app data, settings toggles, and even photo carousels in there, too. Those are Android slices, and app developers will be able to integrate them into your searches.

If there's one major theme to take away from 2018's Google I/O it's that AI is right at the forefront of everything the company is doing.

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