First flu-related death reported

Maricruz Casares
Noviembre 4, 2018

Warren County Public Health wants to remind residents to get their flu shots with the colder temperatures on the way. As a result, vaccine makers must guess which strain will dominate the coming flu season and plan accordingly.Hope for a better vaccine emerged when scientists discovered that people sometimes produce rare antibodies that work against a range of flu strains.

Yes, unfortunately because sometimes you may be exposed to a flu virus shortly before getting vaccinated, or because you may be exposed to a type of flux that is not included in the seasonal flu vaccine. Sometimes these viruses manage to infect people; on occasion, they go on to evolve the molecular equipment necessary to travel from person to person.These catastrophic crossovers can cause pandemics. He said influenza vaccination is essential for the citizens especially children and elderly people and those having asthma and allergies with advent of winter season every year as the DNA of the virus changes every year.

But there are always those who choose not to get vaccinated out of fear.

"One of the common ones (misconceptions) that we do get is that the flu shot will cause the flu, and that is incorrect", he said.

Participating pharmacies offer a list of 10 YouTube videos that can be accessed via the patient's cellphone and viewed through virtual reality goggles provided by the stores. The child was otherwise healthy, health officials said.

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Washing your hands: It's a good thing to do anyway, but especially if you are prone to shaking hands.

The first flu related death has been reported for the season.

"We are seeing some similar case numbers, maybe even a little bit of an increase from what we saw from the previous year", said Eugene Livar, interim chief of the Bureau of Epidemiology and Disease Control at the health department.

In its latest FluWatch report ending the week of October 20, the Public Health Agency of Canada says there was increasing influenza activity across the country, although the case numbers were at what's called "interseasonal" levels, with H1N1 the most common circulating strain. Instead, what they did was to collect antibodies from llamas with the flu, which they used to produce artificial antibodies that were then inserted into mice via a nasal spray. "It's the best protection you can have".

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