Dire consequences of global warming

Federico Mansilla
Octubre 21, 2018

They are not saying that this damage will occur in twelve years; they are saying if the carbon levels in the atmosphere and global average temperatures continue to increase at their current rate for over twelve years, there will be irreversible, long-term damage to the environment in the future.

The novelty of DICE was the integration of findings across disparate disciplines including physics, chemistry, and economics to model the link between economic activity and carbon emissions, leading to higher atmospheric carbon concentration and related higher global average temperatures.

Trump boasts "natural instinct for science" that lets him see "both sides" of climate change debate While a sobering new United Nations report on climate change indicates humans might have little time to change our ways to avoid environmental catastrophe, President Trump isn't anxious, pointing to scientists "on both sides of the picture".

Äntligen! (Swedish-my native tongue-for "Finally!") Last week, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences to William Nordhaus for his pioneering work on "integrated assessment modeling" (IAM) - a framework which has made it possible to analyze the interplay between the economy and climate change, and the consequences of climate policies. Inuit and Indigenous peoples are well placed to add that human understanding to spur action. The rest of the world can not afford to ignore our struggles in the Arctic because what happens in the Arctic does not stay there. Scientists write the body of the report, but the executive summary (the only part that most policy-makers and journalists will ever read), is negotiated between the scientists and the governments. The connection is there.

"This is the most deceptive, vicious world".

Nationally, a wide partisan chasm remains, with only 11 percent of Republicans describing climate change as a "very big" problem compared to 72 percent of Democrats, according to a new poll released this week by the Pew Research Center. These are our universities.

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What about life for our children and grandchildren? The only issues we should be debating are the best ways to confront the crisis. A substantive and alarming report on climate change was released globally the next day, warning the world of the deadly impacts of global warming including rising temperatures. From a Biblical standpoint, humans are the planet's stewards. But every small thing we do can make a difference. Wrong. Each year climate change coverage decreases. Warmer air also carries more moisture for devastating rainfalls, while rising sea levels lead to more flooding. Florida is a low-lying state that depends heavily on tourism, making it especially at risk from climate change.

Climate change has a disproportionate effect on African Americans and Hispanic Americans because they tend to live in places that are worst hit by the effects of climate change; poor communities are also more vulnerable. These are significant changes we have to make and we've never had to do it at scale before.

There are efforts at subnational levels, such as by the state of California led by Governor Jerry Brown, and by individuals such as billionaire Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg, to help keep the U.S. pledge under the Paris accord. This is a critical message in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Our NDC also commits us to a 30 per cent reduction of transport emissions by 2030.

Inuit and Indigenous peoples provided life-saving guidance to early European visitors unfamiliar with the severe conditions of this land, which they ignored at their peril.

While clearly not moving quickly enough in the right direction, business is increasingly thinking more widely and comprehensively about its objective and impact in this area - driven not least by growing corporate reporting against the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

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