Google Maps upgrade could be one of its most important in years

Ceria Alfonso
Octubre 18, 2018

Tesla's Supercharger stations are listed on the app all around the world. So, if one is located in a less than savory area, or it regularly stops working, owners will be able to find a more suitable charging location. U.K. EV charging stations found on Google Maps feature Chargemaster and Pod Point. This isn't limited to locating an electric charging station - that information has been available within Maps for a while, though to varying degrees depending on the country.

This week Google announced a new feature its Maps: the ability to search for electric vehicle charging stations.

Google has partnered up with Tesla and Chargepoint for global information, while locally here in Australia they've partnered with Chargefox to populate the data.

Google says each station will be accompanied by key information about each station including types of ports available, and how many, as well as the charging speeds of those ports (although we had trouble finding that information on Australians locations when we checked it out ourselves). Additionally, you'll be able to see what other users thought of the station, as Google Maps will bring up user-posted photos, ratings and reviews.

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The new feature will be available worldwide on Android and iOS at first - make sure you've got the latest app version installed on your devices.

Drivers in the United States will get access to details about SemaConnect, EVgo and Blink stations while Australia and New Zealand EV drivers will see information on Chargefox stations.

If your Google Maps application has not received the new update, users can download it manually by heading to either the Google Play Store of iOS App Store.

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