MIT to push the rise of AI with new college, $1B funding

Ceria Alfonso
Octubre 16, 2018

MIT is investing $1 billion to establish a new college devoted to the ethical development of new AI technologies.

The Schwarzman College of Computing is meant to be "an interdisciplinary hub" for work in computer science, AI, data science, and related fields.

"To state the obvious, AI in particular is reshaping geopolitics, our economy, our daily lives and the very definition of work", MIT President L. Rafael Reif said in a letter to the school's community.

The new college is slated to open in September 2019, with a new building scheduled to be completed in 2022.

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The foundational grant of $350 million was provided by Stephen A. Schwarzman, the chairman, co-founder and CEO of asset manager Blackstone.

An MIT statement said the initiative represents the single largest investment in computing and AI by an American academic institution.

In June, China's prestigious Tsinghua University announced the opening of a dedicated AI research centre - The Tsinghua University Institute for Artificial Intelligence, which will be led by Chinese Academy of Sciences academician Zhang Bo and the Turing Award Laureate Andrew Chi-Chih Yao.

There is no more important opportunity or challenge facing our nation than to responsibly harness the power of artificial intelligence so that we remain competitive globally and achieve breakthroughs that will improve our entire society. We face fundamental questions about how to ensure that technological advancements benefit all - especially those most vulnerable to the radical changes AI will inevitably bring to the nature of the workforce.

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