Medicane to reach Greece on Thursday night

Evarado Alatorre
Setiembre 28, 2018

The Mediterranean hurricane, also known as a medicane, is likely to form in the Ionian Sea to the southwest of the Greek mainland tomorrow.

Meteorologists are warning of a high probability of a tropical-like cyclone forming in off the coast of Greece, as gale-force winds continue to batter the country and force the closure of schools.

The high winds forced ferries to remain in port Thursday, severing Greek islands' connection to the mainland.

Winds were forecast to intensify and rain set to pound parts of the country later on Thursday and Friday, Greece's National Weather Service said.

On the island Kefalonia, several villages were evacuated as wildfire was being fanned by the strong winds.

Authorities described the decision as a precaution, but said the island's emergency services were on alert as weather conditions were expected to worsen.

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No damage or injuries were immediately reported.

"At the moment, southern Greece looks most at risk this weekend, particularly Crete". The strong winds toppled trees onto power lines in the northern suburbs of Athens, with the fire department saying it received more than 500 calls to remove debris. The decision was taken as a precaution and to limit the movement of school children outdoors to a minimum, due to the extreme and risky weather conditions expected to prevail.

Orders for all schools to stay shut have also been issued by the Peloponnese regional authority for Corinth, Argolis, Arcadia, Messinia and Lakonia and by the Western Greece Region for Achaia, Ilia, and Aitoloakarnania.

The civil protection service urged municipalities and citizens to be on the alert for a storm dubbed "Xenophon".

The system is expected to move slowly over the island of Crete and southern Greece on Saturday before picking up speed and heading into Western Turkey on Sunday.

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