Brie Larson Shuts Down The Captain Marvel Haters

Esequiel Farfan
Setiembre 22, 2018

"I fixed Captain Marvel", he captioned, after slapping a smile on a shot of the moody and brooding Carol Danvers.

Larson hit back at the haters by photoshopping smiles onto the faces of the likes of Captain America and Iron Man and sharing the images on Instagram. The Oscar victor took to her Instagram story to share some shots of Marvel's male superheroes with smiles edited onto their faces.

As Vice's Nicole Clark pointed out, telling women to smile more is widely regarded as a common form of female objectification, suggesting women's emotions have to be controlled and that they're only there for the pleasure of others.

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Despite the incredible reaction to the trailer, there has been quite a large influx of (mostly) male Twitter users complaining about the lack of warmth and excitement in Brie Larson's facial expressions because heaven forbid a woman doesn't crack a smile when she's trying to fight a fucking war on a planet she doesn't remember.

A number of supportive fans chose to mock up their own creepy superhero smile snaps to help Brie take down these chumps (and have a good old chuckle while they're at it), even getting a bunch of faces from the DC Cinematic Universe involved.

Point well made. Captain Marvel's got the fate of the universe on her hands - she ain't got time to be worrying about holding a smile while she's at it.

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