Audi charges into the EV market with 2019 e-tron

Galtero Lara
Setiembre 22, 2018

850 drones, precisely tuned to each other, flew a spectacular formation both in the event hall and in the open air, in a prelude to the electric car's worldwide premiere.

In such installations, the home photovoltaic system could then be connected directly to the Audi E-tron.

According to Reuters, the new Audi all-electric SUV called the E-Tron.

This luxurious EV model will compete with the Tesla Model X and is the first automobile revealed in response to parent company Volkswagen's promise made in March of this year to mass produce e-cars; this week that initiative received an official name: "ELECTRIC FOR ALL". As electric vehicles operate with higher torque compared to cars with a combustion engine, tire wear is up to 25% higher, but the Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3 SUV tire construction is able to address these challenges, the tiremaker says.

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Audi has priced the e-tron at €79,900 ($130,000) in Germany, which after taxes and import duties in Australia would see it priced about $150,000 when it goes on sale in 2019. Mercedes-Benz revealed its own electric crossover earlier this month, the EQC, and BMW showed off another Tesla-fighting concept model on Sunday. These signature design elements should inspire the future Audi electric cars. You can also argue that the Q8 has a more dynamic appearance, sleeker headlights, a more fastback-like rear and even a slightly more sloped roof, despite being taller than the e-tron overall.

E-tron, Audi's first electric sport-utility vehicle (SUV), debuted in San Francisco on Monday night. Audi and parent Volkswagen are using the USA launch of the e-tron SUV in mid-2019 to take aim at one obstacle to expanding electric vehicle sales - the lack of convenient ways to recharge their batteries. Its charging units cost $500. Electrify America has been aggressively adding charging stations across the country. It is powered by two electric motors - one powering each axle combining for 300kW and 660Nm.

The Audi e-tron rolls off the assembly line at the CO2-neutral plant in Brussels.

Now, what the Q8 doesn't have is the e-tron's fancy Virtual Mirror setup, which consists of small cameras replacing traditional mirrors, sending live images to a pair of displays embedded in the door panels. It offers seating for five, and its length and wheelbase position it in the center of the market for midsize, five-passenger luxury SUVs such as the BMW X5. The electric SUV can recover energy in two ways: by means of coasting recuperation when the driver releases the accelerator or by means of braking recuperation by depressing the brake pedal.

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