Amazon Adds Fabric Design To Echo Plus, Available Next Month

Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 22, 2018

Your phone's cell signal will allow the Alexa on the Go to connect with Amazon's cloud service, thereby bringing that functionality to your auto. It's a wide range of items including upgraded Echo devices like the Dot and Show.

With the hardware, came an announcement of several new software features and upgrades meant to extend Alexa's reach further in the home.

Numerous other product launches are outside of the traditional entertainment core but have a futuristic bent.

Here is a look at all the key announcements.

Not satisfied with being built into new cars, Alexa will be able to work in older models with an Echo Auto device that can be affixed to dashboards and reach the internet through smartphones. It will be interesting to see how well this feature, coming later this year, will work in practice, and how Amazon will extend it beyond smart home devices. What's more is that the smart microwave comes with integrated Dash to let you order popcorn right away when you start running low.

The Amazon Fire TV Recast is a box that will record live OTA TV and stream the recorded content anywhere.

Dubbed the Echo Auto, the device will connects to the user's phone through Bluetooth, and to the vehicle through either Bluetooth or a 3.5mm auxiliary input. It will contain four far-field microphones and a more attractive fabric cover. The company also touts the sound will be 70% louder than the current Dot for clearer audio.

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Although it's still around the same size as before the new Dot now features a fabric design and all-new curved shape.

Echo Show, the video-screen carrying version of the smart speaker, has been given a revamp too. And it added the Echo Sub and the $299.99 (226 pounds) Echo Link Amp, focused on creating better entertainment systems for the home. They cost $200, and $300, respectively. Amazon's new subwoofer can be combined with two or more Echo speakers to provide 100W of bass thumping sound. The 3rd-generation Echo Dot comes with a price tag of Rs 4,499. Moreover, it also does not support video playback.

With the launch of the Echo Show and Echo Spot, Alexa can now deliver visual content as well as audio content. It will entertain your children, and you can order cat litter just by saying you want cat litter.

The idea here is that Amazon will show you information as opposed to mere telling you it, with news, weather, a shopping list, and more found here, and it's a touchscreen as well. The small disc-shaped device plugs into any existing speaker via the 3.5-inch plug or Bluetooth to turn it into an Echo. Sadly, it has no mics, so it won't be a standalone Alexa experience. The 60 LED ring can display multiple timers for cooking, countdown to a family event, and show visual animations for alarms and reminders to keep you on schedule. It will sell for $29.99.

Unfortunately you can't get one yet. You can either pair a single Echo/Echo Plus with the Sub or two of them for a 2.1 speaker set where each of the Echo/Echo Plus become individual stereo speakers.

It's a little square that sits on your dash, and can connect to your vehicle either via auxiliary jack or Bluetooth. Once complete, you can use Echo to control the power flowing to anything plugged into it.

Also new is the Alexa Guard, a home security product that can detect breaking glass as well as smoke or carbon dioxide and send an alert to your phone. Are you looking forward to any of these new products or not so much?

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