6 siblings of Arizona GOP congressman endorse his opponent

Esequiel Farfan
Setiembre 22, 2018

In the Wisconsin race to replace Paul Ryan, the brother of Democrat Randy Bryce endorsed his Republican opponent in an advertisement by an conservative group. Gosar has also spread a conspiracy theory that the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville, where one woman was killed by a self-identified white supremacist, was actually plotted by left-wing organizers to damage Trump.

A political campaign commercial aimed at Republican representative Paul Gosar, from the state of Arizona, has gone viral in the U.S. thanks to its twist ending, which contains some of the more pure savagery we've ever witnessed.

He also called Democratic Party donor George Soros a Nazi collaborator in an interview with another news outlet. And, Paul made headlines in July for traveling to London to attend a rally for Tommy Robinson, the anti-Muslim activist who founded the Islamophobic English Defense League.

They offer their full support for Democratic candidate Dr. David Brill, who ends the sixty-second clip with a cheery, "I endorse this message".

"I think my brother has traded a lot of the values we had at our kitchen table", says Joan Gosar.

"To speak up against my brother, it brings sadness to me", says Joan Gosar. 'It's awful to have to do this'.

Next is a statement from "David, lawyer", saying "Paul's absolutely not working for his district". "This is not who we are".

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It is only at this moment that we realise they are Mr Gosar's family, when he says, "My name is Tim Gosar".

There are other ads, which have not yet been made public, too.

"It would be hard to see my brother as anything but a racist", Grace Gosar says in another, according to the Phoenix New Times. "Nor should any of us be", said another sister, Grace. How can this person be against your interests when his family is so much like yours? Paul moved to Arizona after college. In addition to Grace, David and Jennifer, Gosar's other siblings - Joan, Tim and Gaston - also appear in the ad. Gosar has nine siblings, with three not appearing in the ad.

Regardless, the Gosar siblings urge voters to hear them out.

Seven of his siblings signed an open letter to the Kingman Daily Miner, stating: "It is extremely upsetting to have to call you out on this, Paul, but you've forced our hand with your deceit and anti-Semitic dog whistle".

"We are aghast that Paul has sunk so low that he now spews the most despicable slander against an 87-year-old man without a shred of proof", the letter said.

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