Sprint and T-Mobile will have to wait longer to merge

Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 15, 2018

The commission told the carriers' counsel that it had received papers and guidance primarily from T-Mobile within the past two weeks that marked departures from previous statements regarding network engineering models and network buildout funding.

The FCC said Tuesday it was pausing the review clock - now at Day 55 - because the two companies had submitted new information including a "substantially revised" network engineering model, a new business model and additional economic modeling.

A business model detailing how the combined firm would provide "financial basis for the projected new network buildup" wasn't submitted until September 5. He says it appears to incorporate new logic, methodologies, facts, and assumptions, something that can't be reviewed quickly.

T-Mobile's merger with Sprint has been cruising through the regulatory process with few hiccups thus far, but news from the FCC makes it sound like things are a little more complicated than they first appeared. The FCC says that it didn't get Build 9 until September 5th.

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The FCC is also awaiting the submission of "additional economic modeling" supporting the merger from T-Mobile.

We also understand that these models may interact with or support one another in ways still unknown to the Commission and third parties. It produces television, film, and multimedia content focusing on news, information, sports, and entertainment. "The additional review time is common to FCC merger reviews and we recently supplied a large amount of data to the FCC that they want sufficient time to assess".

"Considering the complexity and potential importance of these newly-provided and expected models, it is appropriate to stop the informal 180-day clock to allow time for their review", officials said in a letter to the two companies. "The Price will bewitch whether to extend the time limit for reply comments after receiving the leisure of the Candidates' modeling submissions".

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