Scott Morrison: Australia PM puts hands up over 'not OK' lyrics

Evarado Alatorre
Setiembre 15, 2018

The clip was accompanied by a caption that read (and I apologise in advance for this): "QT was on fire today", followed by the fire emoji.

However, it didn't take long before some people started pointing out other less innocent lyrics from that song, including explicit references and swearing.

It featured vision of Liberal politicians repeatedly raising their hands in Parliament House, which was edited to fit in with the lyrics of catchy 2006 anthem.

'You got a hundred dollar bill, get your hands up!

But the post was ridiculed as "bizarre" by people online. / You got a twenty dollar bill, get your hands up!

He endorsed the Prime Minister's approach of trying to connect with younger people by using his song, which was a smash hit at the turn of the century. "You got a fifty dollar bill, get your hands up!"

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U.S. artist Fatman Scoop wants to meet Scott Morrison and "discuss politics", with the prime minister appearing to accept the offer.

We anticipate Fatman Scoop's Be Faithful will move to the country's number one spot of most-requested dance floor song tonight, possibly knocking The Horses out of the top spot for the entire weekend.

Morrison eventually deleted the meme and apologised, tweeting that "the full lyrics of the song used in my earlier video from QT today were just not OK".

'When I found out, I asked the team to take it down.

The song has several explicit lyrics.

Despite the video being deleted from all of Mr Morrison's accounts, social media users retained the clip and it's still easily accessible on Twitter.

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