The New $1,449 iPhone Won't Include A Free Headphone Dongle

Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 14, 2018

If you're clinging to wired headphones, you might not like what Apple's doing with its new iPhones.

The new iPhone XS Max, which is the most expensive to date with prices up to £1,449, has a 6.5in screen that's supposed to provide better video viewing and game play. The Uncarrier Network announced that it's taking up to $300 off the cost of a new iPhone when you trade in your old iPhone.

With these changes astir, now might be the ideal time to pick up a discontinued iPhone before it falls out of circulation, especially if you're after a model with a headphone jack. If you are a new or existing Verizon subscriber, Big Red has some deals on last year's iPhone models the 2018 OLED wearing units. The iPhone 7 now starts at £449/$449, and the 7 Plus at £569/$569. As with anything, of course, there are a few exceptions to the rule of global customers generally needing to pony up more now than they would have had to for the iPhone X at launch. Why pay $US999 for the unbelievable screen on the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max when you could effectively buy the same phone for $US100 less?

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Mandatory down payments on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will have you forking over from $279.99 to as much as $729.99 toward the purchase of Apple's new flagships.

Both of these factors might explain Apple's thinking. Gareth notes that the industry were expecting this model to be delayed slightly, releasing after the iPhone XS, so a concurrent release is most welcome. "An extra 5 to 10 percent sales tax rate will be tacked on in the states depending where you reside, but at most, a U.S. resident is paying $1,099 for a base model iPhone XS with tax included". Further, the rear wide-angle lens, True Tone flash, and True Depth camera on the iPhone XR are identical to those found on the iPhone XS, so the only difference from a photography point of view appears to be the lack of the second telephoto lens.

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