Jeff Bezos Pledges $2 Billion Toward Education and Homelessness

Galtero Lara
Setiembre 14, 2018

The move catapults the world's richest person into a rarefied group of billionaire megadonors at a time when his company,, faces growing scrutiny over its rising power and impact on the economy. The wealth that Bezos has amassed hasn't come without controversy, as many critics point to poor working conditions at his facilities while others say he doesn't do enough for the public good.

The Day 1 Families Fund will make annual awards to organizations "doing compassionate, needle moving work to provide shelter and hunger support to address the immediate needs of young families", while the Day 1 Academies Fund will start and operate a network of "full-scholarship, Montessori-inspired preschools in underserved communities", Bezos said. "If our own great-grandchildren don't have lives better than ours, something has gone very wrong", said Bezos in a statement shared on Twitter. Citing the Amazon mantra of customer obsession, Bezos said in a tweet "The child will be the customer".

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos plans to open and fund nursery schools in low income areas, promising that poor children would be treated like Amazon customers.

In 2016, Bezos was asked if he planned to pursue philanthropy like Gates has.

Outside that, Bezos and his family's known donations have included gifts to Princeton University and Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Bezos solicited ideas on Twitter a year ago for ways to donate some of his wealth.

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A picture shared by Amazon chief Jeff Bezos on Instagram. "What the president should say is, 'This is right, I'm glad I'm being scrutinised.' That would be so secure and confident". "We're going to push through this".

"The Bezos Family Foundation - and Jeff obviously has a role in that - has been engaged with early learning initiatives for years now", Burgess said, adding that it could only help the political momentum toward universal pre-K, as Seattle's preschool program is also once again on the ballot in November.

I want to close be thanking everyone who sent me suggestions, and for the inspiring examples of innovation I see every day, large and small.

Bezos, who Forbes lists as the richest person in the world with a net worth over $100 billion, went on to say that the overall health of the media in the USA would be "fine", and would survive Trump's consistent criticism and cries of "fake news".

The Bezos Day One Fund will focus on two initiatives, the billionaire announced in an online post Thursday.

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