Google Pixel 3 is expected to be launched on October 3

Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 14, 2018

Google got in the headphone dongle business when the Pixel 2 infamously axed the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack after Google made a big to-do about Apple's recent iPhone's doing the same thing in its reveal of the original Pixel the preceding year.

Before all the pieces, Google charged a sexy $20 for the adapter on its have, however rapid lowered the value down to $9 to compare Apple's have adapter when consumers (understandably) revolted.

This new headphone dongle from Google operates the same way as the old one, allowing users to plug one end into the USB-C port and use the other to connect 3.5mm headphones. Google will unveil its subsequent slate of phones (and certain more) at an match in Unusual York City on October 9th. The new adaptor has now been spotted on Google Store, where it is priced at $12 (approximately Rs 870), which is $3 (approximately Rs 220) more than the previous variant. But as it turns out, there's room for a refreshed model in Google's lineup. You won't notice any actual changes, as it's just 2.8mm shorter, and the other dimensions are less than a millimeter smaller. For this generation, though Google says the dongle now features 53 percent lower latency when it comes to media playback.

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The most notable change though is likely the price.

Google's upgraded in-house dongle has been discreetly made available in the United States at a $12 price.

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