Facebook’s New "Rosetta" AI Can Spot Offensive Images And Videos

Ceria Alfonso
Setiembre 14, 2018

Now, the posts with offensive content will be flagged immediately.

The social media giant isn't intending to just use this information for memes, of course. While tools to transcribe text are nothing new, the company faces different challenges because of the size, the sheer volume of photos shared each day on Facebook and Instagram, and the number of languages supported on its global platform.

Hate speech and fake news is a big problem for Facebook. The extracted text is then used by downstream classifiers to immediately act upon the policy-violating content or by-product applications like photo search. Asus Days Sale: Get Asus Max Pro 1 Smartphone at Rs 10,499 + Extra Exchange Value Up to Rs 3,000 Exclusively on Flipkart.

There are so many memes on Facebook and Instagram that the company has enlisted its artificial intelligence to help understand them.

It will be important to note that Facebook in the past has tried to use AI for the goal.

Through Rosetta, Facebook can enhance its picture seek and the frameworks that decide the sorts of pictures that may show up in your News Feed.

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By its own admission, Facebook has been struggling to suppress the spread of inappropriate content - from hate speech and threats of violence to disinformation and "fake news" across its enormous platform.

The company has used a billion public images and videos from Facebook and Instagram to train its text recognition model.

More than one billion media items are uploaded on Facebook each day, and Rosetta will supposedly analyze all of them. The AI system is meant to keep an eye out for inappropriate or harmful content on Facebook-owned platforms, as well as streamline photo search and enhance accessibility to visually-impaired via screen readers.

Apart from being a technological milestone for Facebook, Rosetta is also important for Mark Zuckerberg and Co in other ways. It is indeed a great way to block hatred speech and offensive posts on the platform.

From Myanmar to Sri Lanka and even India, Facebook's inability to stop the free flow of hate speech has had disastrous consequences.

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