Bengals' A.J. Green scores three TDs - in 17 minutes

Jose Verdugo
Setiembre 14, 2018

It certainly didn't help that the Bengals had lost center Billy Price in the first half, while running back Joe Mixon came in and out of the game due to a knee injury.

Hope did arrive, on the backs of an improved Flacco and a resilient but depleted defense, both sparking a Ravens rally. Green only caught five passes in the game, but he punished Baltimore down in the red zone, demonstrating why opposing defenses shouldn't match up with him one-on-one out of the slot; at first with a crossing route and then in the second quarter with an out route.

The Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Baltimore Ravens, 34-23, kicking off the second full week of action in the NFL. But in the team's last gasp, Flacco could not deliver the excellence he had supplied in abundance just days earlier. Ironically enough the Bengals were the reason why the Bills won the AFC wild card last season after taking down the Ravens in Week 17. They already can count Fejedelem's and Williams' plays as signs of a team that possesses a killer instinct.

Wide receiver A.J.

His first completion in a drive that got the Ravens within a score was to the free agent signing. Dalton had a solid performance, throwing for 243 yards and two touchdowns. The veteran pass-rusher made it a long night for Bengals right tackle Bobby Hart, and when he wasn't beating Hart into the pocket, he was batting down passes at the line of scrimmage.

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The Ravens offensive line had their hands full against a supremely talented Bengals defensive line, which was led by fearlessly by Geno Atkins. A crucial third-down penalty on cornerback Tavon Young averted a three-and-out for Cincinnati, and it marched downfield with much of the precision it had earlier. Flacco was on target while playing little more than a half, throwing three touchdown passes.

On consecutive drives, the offense gave the ball away, first on a failed fourth-down attempt that running back Javorius "Buck" Allen probably should have converted and then on a pop-fly interception by Flacco.

Most fans are aware that the Ravens are more known for their defense rather than they are for their offense. Flacco finished 32 of 55 for 376 yards with two touchdowns, two interceptions and four sacks. After a three-and-out against the Mosley-led defense, he found the Mosley-less defense to be as different as night and day.

The Bengals also got off to a winning start on Sunday, and in doing so have released their new secret weapon in Joe Mixon. On third-and-goal at the Ravens' 7-yard line, Green caught one in the end zone for his third touchdown. In truth numerous players over the years have come out against it, feeling that the short timespan between games takes a tough toll on the body. Green had six two-TD games in his career prior to this game, but never three.

Cincinnati built its 21-point lead by piling up 151 yards and 11 first downs.

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