Black 'hair' on your tongue? Here's what that could be

Maricruz Casares
Setiembre 10, 2018

Why did a woman's tongue turn black and furry-looking after she experienced a auto crash?

What exactly causes the disease black tongue experts is still unknown, but treat gassafety doctors can.

Reports have it that a 55-year-old woman recently suffered from "black hairy tongue" after a vehicle accident which left both of her legs crushed. After a week, the woman reported feeling nauseous and having a bad taste in her mouth, according to the report.

Even though it's a very weird medical condition, the so-called black hairy tongue is quite common across the world.

After her wounds became infected, she was given intravenous meropenem and oral minocycline antibiotics, to fight bacteria in her body.

"In this patient, minocyline was discontinued, and an alternate atimicrobal regimen was started".

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As the papillae grow, they are thought to trap microscopic food particles, giving bacteria and other microbes a chance to thrive on the tongue - causing a unusual discoloration.

Doctors diagnosed it to be a case of black hairy tongue - a benign condition where little bumps on the tongue called filiform papillae grow longer and turn a brownish-black colour.

In fact, the name of the disease "black hairy tongue" is very vaguely corresponds to the symptoms of the disease.

"Back Hairy Tongue" can also be caused by poor oral hygiene, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking, and it's more common than you think.

It is usually painless and does not lead to other health problems, and may be resolved by practicing good oral hygiene as well as by resolving the main cause of the condition.

When Dr. Yasir Hamad heard that a patient's tongue had turned black, he decided he needed to see it for himself. Four weeks after doctors changed her medication regimen, the patient's tongue returned to its normal color.

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