Rollout begins of dark mode and Material Design within Android Messages

Ceria Alfonso
Agosto 19, 2018

Google is doing this thing with their apps that receive updates, where they've hilariously convinced everyone to call new UI changes "Material Design 2". It would be nice if those white changes were accompanied by dark modes, like with the new Android Messages update.

Although Phone and Contacts got new/tweaked app icons, Messages still retains the same one with the same shade of blue.

Google is rolling out these changes to Android Messages now, so keep an eye out if this is your stock text messaging app.

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The updated app also includes a new Smart Reply option that can be enabled from the settings menu.

Also, the developers redid the fonts.

The updated Android Messages app is now being rolled out on Google Play and should be available for download on all Android devices in the coming days. The new interface reportedly matches the design of Samsung's message app that comes with an all white background. Although this is noteworthy, users do not want to be blinded by their bright screen all the time, especially when they are about to sleep at night. By following the same process, you can switch back to the normal mode as well. There is also a new "Start chat" button on the bottom right of the screen, which effectively replaces the "+" button in the previous versions of the app. The app additionally sets the default color to blue regardless of the mode the user is in. Thanks to this, now to interact with the app became much more comfortable.

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