Kevin Spacey's New Movie Debut Does Not Go As Planned

Esequiel Farfan
Agosto 19, 2018

Following Anthony's claims, a number of people came forward accusing Spacey of sexual harassment, misconduct and assault - including eight people on the set of the political Netflix series, and 20 testimonies from people at the Old Vic, where he served as artistic director for 11 years.

Billionaire Boys Club could serve as a final act for Spacey, who has no additional projects in the works.

The ensemble crime-drama Billionaire Boys Club quietly opened Friday in 10 theaters scattered in select states across the U.S. The indie film earned an abysmal $126 for the day following its release on premium VOD last month, according to those with access to theater grosses.

The Hollywood Reporter estimated that the movie had an average take of under £10 at each cinema it was shown in - less than the cost of two seats based on the current USA average ticket price of £7. The film version stars Ansel Elgort, Taron Egerton and Emma Roberts, with Spacey in a supporting role as a Beverly Hills high-roller. For the full weekend, Billionaire Boys Club could have trouble hitting $1,000, by far the worst showing of a film starring Spacey.

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The movie is based on the real Billionaire Boys Club, an infamous social club that convinced the sons of wealthy Southern Californian families to get rich quick with Ponzi schemes in the 1980s.

But Spacey's role in Billionaire Boys Club wasn't scrapped - its distributor Vertical Entertainment told TheWrap that they hoped the "distressing allegations pertaining to one person's not tarnish the release".

"In the end, we hope audiences make up their own minds as to the reprehensible allegations of one person's past, but not at the expense of the entire cast and crew present on this film", Vertical Entertainment noted.

Indie film distributor Vertical Entertainment announced in June that the movie would be granted a limited release in US cinemas despite the sexual misconduct allegations against Spacey.

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